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Hello - I'm Luna Ling, an aspiring storyteller and content creator.

I am a dual major in Communications with a concentration in Digital Media Production and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I am also a minor in Film and Media Studies. In December 2020, I will be receiving my Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock University.

I have been fascinated with storytelling since I was a child and consumed books at a rapid pace. 

Originally, I wanted to be an author, but over the years, I was introduced to the vast forms that storytelling could take which included but not limited to films, novels, comics, and more recently, podcasts. In the more recent years, I have also been fascinated by the potential of livestreaming collaborative storytelling such is the case of Critical Role. 

Alongside my fascination with storytelling, an interest in design and photography surfaced. To me, photography was another form of storytelling as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words", a saying that I modeled my interest of photography around. I was interested in the aesthetics of graphic design which further propelled me into the various creative studies I've done at Slippery Rock University. I am driven to pursue a career as a screenwriter, though my ambitions are a little more grand than that.

My greatest ambition is to one day start a multimedia content creation company where I could explore the multiple forms of storytelling and dip my hand into films, comics, podcasts, and more with likeminded creative individuals in order to push and expand the notion of creative storytelling.

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